Excellent medical care on La Palma guaranteed by numerous health professionals

Excellent medical care on La Palma guaranteed by numerous health professionals Sick on vacation – illnesses during the most beautiful weeks of the year are certainly among the less pleasant holiday experiences. On La Palma, however, there is no need to worry, as the medical care corresponds to the usual European standard. For the treatment […]


The island weather

Out of the weather lab… La Palma is unique and that in many ways. Not only the nature and the topography of our small island captivate by numerous special features. Also with the weather happening the Isla Bonita can be compared only with difficulty with others. Beside the special geological structure of the island and […]


Aloe Vera in the Canary Islands

Aloe Vera in the Canaries

Interview with Javier of Finca Canarias about the Canarian Aloe Vera (breeder of aloe vera) What is the history of aloe in the Canary Islands? How long has it been grown? Aloe Barbadensis Miller, better known by its common name, aloe vera, is not an endemic plant in the Canary Islands, although the islands have […]


Big success for Canarian Cheese!

Goat Canarian cheese from Fuerteventura

Canarian Cheese Cuts up the Competition at the Spanish Championships 2016! A lot has already been said about the quality of Canarian wine, and it has been enjoyed by many people already! Now the focus is expanding to Canarian cheese! 3 x Gold, 2 x Silver and 1 x Bronze! Congratulations! At the championships recently held […]


Sustainable Tourism Tenerife

The Technological Institute for Renewable Energies was founded in 1990 in Tenerife to foster the sustainable development on the Canary Islands. In “Montaña Pelada”, in the south of the island Tenerife a framework for environmentally friendly tourism was consipated by Technological Institute for Renewable Energie: 24 bioclimatic villas. The project is one of its kind and took of with an international architectural competition. […]


Die fleißigen Krippenbauer von La Palma

Impressions of the Nativity in Los Llanos de Aridane

Unermüdlich basteln die fleißigen Wichtel. Die Krippe muss rechtzeitig fertig sein. Dieses Jahr werden alle Kirchen des Aridanetals künstlerisch präsentiert. Es ist Kleinstarbeit, jedes Palmenblatt wird von Hand gefertigt. Das Ergebnis ist eine etwa 5 m² große Krippe, welche sich sehen lassen kann und natürlich auch gesehen wird. Mit ausgetüftelten Lichteffekten wird der Einbruch der […]


New Rally calendar for the European Championship in 2016 published!

ERC goes Canary Islands!

Why do we bother to spread the word? For the umpteenth time in the history of rallying the Canary Islands are once again to be an official competition venue – certainly great news  for the rally enthusiastic Canarians! Spanish fans can now look forward to the participation of their fellow countryman Daniel Sordo of team […]


Plunge into spectacular natural swimming pools!

Natural swimming pool Charco Azul in La Palma

On all the Canary Islands, you can find beautiful natural swimming pools, which guarantee the entire family a safe swim in the crystal-clear Atlantic waters. Sometimes the restless ocean with its undercurrents can be scary. Not so the natural swimming pools. The pools can also be found in areas with little or no beaches, and […]