Excellent medical care on La Palma guaranteed by numerous health professionals

Excellent medical care on La Palma guaranteed by numerous health professionals

Sick on vacation – illnesses during the most beautiful weeks of the year are certainly among the less pleasant holiday experiences. On La Palma, however, there is no need to worry, as the medical care corresponds to the usual European standard. For the treatment of smaller or also serious health problems island far 16 health centers – so-called Centros de salud in Barlovento, Los Sauces, Puntallana, Santa Cruz, Breña Alta, Breña Baja, Mazo, Fuencaliensichte, El Paso, Todoque, Los Llanos, Tazacorte, Puerto de Tazacorte, Tijarafe, Puntagorda and Garafía are available. Patients from EU countries can be treated there on presentation of the European Health Insurance Card. The larger of these health centres, Los Llanos de Aridane and Santa Cruz de la Palma, even have a 24-hour service 7 days a week. The emergency number is 112 and English and German speaking staff are available on request.

A German GP’s practice is located halfway between Los Llanos and El Paso in the Aridane valley. The private practice of the Dr. Voss is not only the first port of call for guests but also for many residents with health problems.

Experienced dentists with international expertise

The private clinic Smile in Tazacorte is a recommendable place to go for dental treatments according to the latest medical standards. The practising dentist Dr. Manuel Alejandro Pérez Padrón gained over 10 years international experience in a dental practice in Oxford and also as a team dentist of an English first league football club. Dr. Hötzel’s practice in Los Llanos de Aridane also offers very experienced dental care with English-language service. The dental clinic Cristal in El Paso has specialised in holistic dentistry and thus offers an adequate treatment spectrum for the most diverse requirements.

Physiotherapy under palm trees

The international practice team of Los Leones in Tazacorte pursues a holistic treatment concept on a physiotherapeutic basis. Through effective therapeutic measures, the healing time and pain intensity of migratory injuries can be positively influenced. The practice owner also has an excellent reputation as a lecturer. There is also the possibility of osteopathic treatment.

Varied massage offer in Puntagorda

The massage practice Santovita of the Swiss masseur Stefan Fath in Puntagorda offers a wide range of different massage techniques and systems. Starting with the classical massage, foot reflex zone massage, Hotstone, treatments according to Dorn and Breuss, etc., the massage system is also available in a wide range of different styles. House visits on request.

Special offers for wheelchair users

Adapted to the special needs of guests and wheelchair users, we offer tailor-made holiday offers in exclusive holiday villas. Many regular guests on 4 wheels regularly enjoy their most beautiful days of the year in our wheelchair accessible houses, such as Casa Jacaranda in Las Manchas or Villa Las Vinitas in Puntagorda. On request, we can also organise suitable rental vehicles, special bed systems or helping hands for the duration of your stay. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Dense network of alternative and holistic forms of therapy

The medical care on La Palma is completed by a wide range of alternative treatment methods and therapeutic measures. If you are looking for special forms of therapy, we are also happy to help you make the right choice.