El Hierro

El Hierro

Things to do - general

The island of El Hierro is the most western and smallest of the seven Canary Islands. The landscape is varied and unspoilt. Like every island of this archipelago, El Hierro owes its existence to volcanic activity, but is one of the youngest of the seven islands, with about 1.1 million years. The volcanic origin of El Hierro is still clearly visible today, especially the southern part of the island around the coastal village La Restinga offers interesting insights into the geological past.

The year-round mild climate with average temperatures between 15 and 27 degrees Celsius is primarily determined by the north-eastern trade wind. This weather phenomenon is responsible for the fact that on the island El Hierro subtropical climate prevails pleasantly and that also a rich vegetation thrives by the humidity carried along in the trade wind clouds.

In combination with the unique geological structure of the island, there is a variety of vegetation zones, such as pine and laurel forests, fertile fields and pastures, subtropical vegetation and fascinating volcanic areas with endemic succulents. Agriculture can be found in the northwestern part: orchards and vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Another special feature of El Hierros is the starry sky, which is particularly bright due to the clean air. Due to its location in the Atlantic Ocean, the relatively sparse population and the pristine landscape, El Hierro is considered a natural paradise. The highest elevation is the 1501 metre high Malpaso. The official population of the island is approximately 11,000 people spread over a total area of 269 square kilometres. Traditional festivals such as the Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes or the modern Bimbache open ART Festival bear witness to the joie de vivre of the Herreños – as the inhabitants of El Hierro are still called.

This unique combination makes the Canary Island of El Hierro, completely untouched by mass tourism, an ideal holiday destination for people who want to rest during their holidays and enjoy nature.

A relaxing break

With its tranquil location and pristine naturalness, El Hierro is the perfect combination for people who want to relax. Hiking on the beautiful hiking trails, bathing in the crystal clear water of a sea pool or enjoying the unspoilt island on a round trip.

Deceleration is a great asset in our fast-paced time. This island paradise offers the ideal backdrop for relaxation and recreation.

Let yourself be enchanted by the relaxed El Hierro rhythm and recharge your batteries in this UNESCO designated biosphere reserve.

A romantic hideaway

The special atmosphere of El Hierro is ideal for spending romantic days on this untouched island. There are numerous natural beauties on the island, for example the perfect setting for a romantic picnic for two or a beautiful scenery for a walk in the moonlight.

Our charming holiday homes invite you to spend a cozy evening together in front of the fireplace or in the Jacuzzi.

A truly special restaurant recommendation for an unforgettable candle light dinner is the Restaurant Mirador de la Peña designed by the Canarian architect, sculptor and artist César Manrique. Its unique location at about 700 meters above sea level, with views of the El Golfo Valley and the Atlantic Ocean, offers a spectacular panorama rarely found anywhere else in the world.

Family vacation

Due to its diversity and its varied excursion possibilities. El Hierro is an ideal destination for a family holiday. Boredom is an unknown word on the island!

The ECOMUSEO GUINEA - a historical museum village - for example offers an exciting insight into the way of life of the inhabitants of El Hierro in the past. The Lagartario, where the extinct Lagartos gigantes, a giant lizard species up to 75 cm long, can be admired, is located directly adjacent.

In the south of the island one can do boat trips and dives from Restinga. The El Julan Visitor Centre offers interesting information about the indigenous culture of the island. There is so much to discover on the small island paradise in the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy the unique nature

El Hierro offers wild nature, untouched landscapes and unique coastal and marine areas. Discover the special charm of the island by hiking, from the air or under water. Hiking trails, forests and marine pools with volcanic origins full of life.

The islans is protected by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Here you can see the fauna and flora of El Hierros up close. The natural areas of the island are monuments created by the power of nature and by the volcanic origin and parks formed by the wind, which offer an interesting insight into the earth's history.

The fertile volcanic soil and the mild climate allow the year-round cultivation of almost all known fruits and vegetables. In addition to the cultivation of pineapples, winegrowing also benefits from the climatic conditions and the special terroir.

The maritime fauna is very diverse - dolphins, whales, turtles, rays and many more inhabit the waters off El Hierro.

On land you will meet rabbits and lizards. The reptile world of El Hierro is the richest in species in the Canary Islands: Tree frog, gecko, black lizard and two lizard species. The attraction, however, is the giant lizard "Lagarto Gigante de Salmor", rediscovered in 1975.