General Business Terms

General Business Terms

1. Contract Agreement- Booking
You will receive a written confirmation of CanaryCompany by email that your rental property for the requested period is still available. This pre-reservation is valid for a maximum of 3 days. Within these 3 days, the pre-reservation must be confirmed or canceled by you. Cancelling a pre-reservation is not linked to any costs. If you confirm the booking CanaryCompany will send you a contract, which should be signed and send back to us within 2 days. The contract may be send my e-mail or mail. After signing the tenancy agreement / contract a deposit (non-refundable) of 10% – 50% of the total price has to be paid. The percentage depends on the policies of the different holiday homes. According to the business terms of the owner/manager of the property the remaining sum is to be paid on arrival or to be transferred 28 days before. If no payment has been made the reservation can be annulled by CanaryCompany and a fee can be charged according to the cancellation terms. 100% of the price must be transferred for last minute bookings. (arrival within the next 4 weeks after booking confirmation). ONLY AFTER RECEIVING THE DEPOSIT, THE BOOKING BECOMES VALID! The booking holds only for the number of persons mentioned in the contract. If the property will be occupied by extra persons or person not listed in the contract an additional fee will be charged.
CanaryCompany reserves the right to cancel the booking, should the deposit not be paid within the specified time frame.

2. Commitment
CanaryCompany commitment is limited to the presentation and acting as an agent. In accordance to our experience the objects on offer are carefully chosen by us, catalogued and described. Plans are drawn up and photographs of the objects are taken by us. CanaryCompany acts merely as an agent between the guests and the owner or manager of the offered property.

3. Liability and Complaints
The obligation of CanaryCompany is limited to the responsibility of a conscientious selection and description of the objects on offer subject to own knowledge and the information given by the owner or manager of the properties. Any later changes unknown to us or misinformation is subsequently the responsibility of the owner or manager.

4. Dutiful Involvement
The responsibility of the tenant is to report any faults or defects, either of house or furnishings, to the owner or manager immediately or within 24 hours so that they can be repaired / replaced quickly. Subsequent complaints will not be considered! The tenant has the duty to treat house and furnishings with care. Any damage to the property or furnishings caused by the tenant is to be reported to the owner or manager. The cost for repair or replacement is to be paid fully by the tenant.

5. Cancellation
If the tenant withdraws the contract a cancellation fee will be charged.  Up to 30 days before tenancy: 40% of the total price, 29 up to 7 days before tenancy: 80% of the total price. For cancellations 1 week before arrival or if the tenant does not show up, 100% of the price will be charged! The deposit is not refundable. A cancellation must be done in writing and the date of its delivery will be decisive. We recommend taking out an insurance covering these eventualities! The tenant can withdraw from the contract on providing a substitute taking over the contract under the same conditions. A change of property or the duration of the stay can only be changed by cancellation subject to the above conditions. Last minute or special offer renting contracts cannot be cancelled o changed. For each amendment, cancellation or change in the contract, a processing fee of € 50.00 is charged.

6. Place of Fulfilling Contract and Court of Jurisdiction Claims for compensation are to be directed to the appropriate owner or manager of the property.  The place where the contract has been fulfilled and the court of jurisdiction is the place of residence of the owner or manager of the property.