Big success for Canarian Cheese!

Goat Canarian cheese from Fuerteventura

Canarian Cheese Cuts up the Competition at the Spanish Championships 2016!

A lot has already been said about the quality of Canarian wine, and it has been enjoyed by many people already! Now the focus is expanding to Canarian cheese!

3 x Gold, 2 x Silver and 1 x Bronze!


At the championships recently held in Madrid, awards were given to cheese in 15 different categories.

These numerous awards mean a revaluation of the Canaries from being merely a sun-soaked destination, to also a culinary one!

The mild climate and excellent craftsmanship’s skills played a decisive role when it came to handing out awards for the various rankings. For example, 2 gold medals went straight to Fuerteventura: one for the best mature goat’s cheese “Tofio Añejo”, as well as a further one for the best mixed-milk cheese: “Selectum”.

Fuerteventura is historically very well known for its excellent cheese, which makes us even more pleased to announce that the 3rd gold medal went to Lanzarote in the category of mature sheep’s cheese for “Bodega Oveja Curado”. The barren, volcanic soils of Lanzarote give this cheese its special character.

Both silver medals also went to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote for “Madurado con cerveza” (Lanzarote) in the category of mature cow’s cheese, as well as to “Maxorata añejo” (Fuerteventura) in the category of mature goat’s cheese.

The Canaries did not only get 1st place in the mixed-milk cheese category! It also secured third place, and this medal went to a further island – Gran Canaria – for the special cheese “Los Dragos”.

484 different cheeses took place in this competition, of which only 15 received a gold medal.

The jury consisted of renowned restaurateurs and hoteliers, professional restaurant critics, chefs, food experts and culinary journalists.

Goat on Fuerteventur