Terms & Conditions

Some helpful tips and guidelines for writing reviews and blog commentary as a registered user on CanaryCompany.

Registering on our website is free and, as a matter of principle, open to anyone interested.

We recommend keeping contributions to 500 words or less.

How do I write customer reviews and comments?

Anyone who is registered with CanaryCompany can create reviews and blog comments.

CanaryCompany assumes no responsibility for content written by users. Every user is liable for his or her own writings and their adherence to the relevant laws or rights of other parties.

CanaryCompany values your opinion!

What should be covered:

  • Your home review should focus on specific vacation accommodations that you yourself have booked and had direct experience with.
  • The best reviews do more than just report whether accommodations were satisfactory or not; they also give reasons why. You are welcome to indicate other vacation homes from CanaryCompany that you believe to be similar to the vacation home discussed and express your opinion on how they compare.

 What not to cover:

CanaryCompany is pleased to provide users with this platform for giving feedback on our holiday rentals. We value that you take the time to write home reviews / blog comments and so wish to advise you against the following:

  • The opinions of people or businesses that have a commercial interest in reviewing their own product or competing offer, or in having these reviewed by third parties (including third parties that offer the same product).
  • Review that are written for financial gain. This includes reviews that are components of commercial or marketing packages.
  • Material from other people. The thoughts and opinions here should be limited to the writer’s own.
  • Time-sensitive material (commercial tours, seminars, lectures, etc.).
  • Commentary on other reviews published on the site. Reviews by other writers and their presentation on the site can change without notice at any time.
  • Obscenities or hate speech.
  • Contributions with illegal content, above all mature content, racist content, and seditious content, but also contributions that infringe upon copyright law. These will be immediately removed from the site and the author’s user rights revoked.
  • One-word critiques, since what we wish to know is the reason why the product has pleased or displeased you.
  • Telephone numbers, email addresses, URLs.
  • Ads or watermarks in videos or advertising material.
  • Soliciting positive criticism or commentary.

Any home review / blog comment that fails to adhere to these guidelines will not be published, or will be deleted and the user blocked, accordingly.