Gran Canaria Natural Resources!

Los Tilos de Moya, El Barranco de los Cernicalos, La Playa de Güi-Güi, Gran Canaria

Fabulous trails, lonely places and absolute tranquility: the green landscapes of Gran Canaria!

Los Tilos de Moya

The forests of « Los Tilos de Moya » in the north of the island, near Moya’s Center de Interpretación de los Tilos run past huge linden and laurel trees and promise an unforgettable experience in nature. Small originally invested places invite you to an outdoor picnic.

El Barranco de Los Cernícalos

The « Barranco de los Cernícalos near the village Lomo Magullo offers a hiking experience alongside watercourses and small spring water ponds, where refreshments are waiting. The destination is the spring source at the end of lush ravine.

La Playa de Güi-Güi

The « Playa de Güi-Güi » can only be achieved in two ways, by boat or by foot, in a longer walk of about five hours. The path leads past rugged volcanic landscapes and green valleys. Not only the journey is the reward, but also the untouched paradise of Playa Güi-Güi.


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